Radon Measurement Services


Certified Radon Measurements


Radon tests are not regulated by local or State agencies in MA or NH so anyone can do them.  Please be advised that Black Dog Inspections is Nationally certified by AARST/NRPP (trained, tested & regulated).  We follow full EPA (Device & Measurement) protocol without exception and provide credible accurate results.  Your tests results are fully documented leaving no question to their validity and acceptance.


What do you get with a single radon in air measurement?


1.  Each single radon in air measurement includes a minimum radon test of 48 hours using a continuous radon monitor to provide a certified radon level report listing your EPA average and hourly radon measurements documented per EPA protocol.

2.  A final radon report with all the collected documentation (initial certified radon report with hourly readings, authorization form, test setup sheet, environmental data, and photographs of test location - exterior structure and interior monitor placement) all in one location that can be stored away for future reference.


AARST/NRPP Residential Measurement Provider ID Number 103104 RT

  • A single radon in air measurement (one location or level) using 1 continuous monitor $130*
  • Additional radon in air measurements in multiple locations or levels quoted per job.
  • Visual inspection of an existing radon mitigation system when combined with a radon in air measurement No Charge
  • Radon in water sample $70* 

* A reasonable fuel surcharge may be applied to areas outside the office locations due to the current variations in fuel prices.  You will be notified if a surcharge applies to your specific measurement location and the exact amount at order placement.  Office locations are Nashua, New Hampshire amd East Falmouth, Massachusetts.



 Reasons to Test


  • Thinking of selling your property test before you place you home on the market. Know your position on radon levels up front and show the buyers a credible radon measurement report.
  • Buying a home - get a credible radon test by a qualified certified radon professional.
  • Had a mitigation system installed - get an independent verification of the radon level.
  • A homeowner that has never had a test.   The EPA recommends that all homes be tested.  Testing is the only way to identify your radon comfort level.
  • A homeowner that has renovated a basement, added on to an existing home, or installed an internal drainage system.

Mitigation Services


Radon Mitigation

The average cost of a radon in air mitigation system varies depending on the building configuration, area of ground contact, under slab soil makeup, soil communication, expansion joints, various unwanted openings, drainage systems and many other factors.  Each home must be evaluated to determine the best mitigation approach based on existing physical conditions and homeowner concerns.  Typical Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) systems will fall in the $995 to $1,600 range.  For example, a typical Sub-Slab Depressurization System (SSD) starts at $1,000 for a Ranch and $1,050 for a Cape.  Systems are designed for the best fit, operating cost, maintenance concerns and long term reliability.    

Mitigation of radon in water is more expensive due to the cost of the aeration equipment required to remove the radon and generally runs about three to four  times more than mitigating radon in air.  In either case, high levels of radon can be easily removed at reasonably low costs when considering the overall cost of a home.  The actual measured radon in water level, the desired radon and normal water use rate will determine the best aeration system approach and cost.  Low use water 95% reduction systems can be installed for about $4,000 and typical higher flow installations with radon reduction to 99% run between $4,300 to $4,650.

You will receive a firm cost based on your property configuration and needs


Radon Consulting


Radon Consulting Services

Black Dog Inspections can assist you with planning a radon resistant home or various options that may make your home or addition more radon resistant.  Consulting fees start at $60 per hour.

Service Call


Basic Service Call   $75

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