Radon Testing


Radon Measurement available in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Radon, a Class A carcinogen, is the second largest contributor to lung cancer in the US and usually becomes a concern when purchasing or selling property. The EPA has suggested that all homes be tested for radon. Since radon is a colorless, orderless radioactive gas, Black Dog Inspections, LLC encourages you to find out what your radon level is so you can assess your family health impact. Please refer to the free publication EPA 402-K02-006 - "A Citizen's Guide To Radon". Most people are unaware of the danger of long term contact to high levels of radon and because it is not a visible threat they are unacquainted with the potential danger.

Do the test yourself if you believe you can follow the EPA protocol for residential testing.  If you feel more comfortable, contact a certified radon measurement professional such as Black Dog Inspections, LLC which has trained in radon testing and passed a National Radon Proficiency Program exam and maintains required training updates for continued certification. We use state of the art continuous radon measurement equipment and follow strict EPA test guidelines. The equipment we use is resistant to tampering so efforts made to falsely reduce radon levels by changing the test environment can be detected. You can be assured the results reflect a valid test.

Black Dog Inspections, LLC is AARST/NRPP Radon Measurement Certified (ID Number 103104 RT)  and is licensed to use the Radalink TeleMonitor, a sophisticated electronic instrument that collects data hourly and is equiped with tamper detectors. When the test is finished, the data is transmitted to Radalink's analysis facility via built-in modem.  A complete report usually comes back within the hour. 


Black Dog Inspections, LLC is also AARST/NRPP certified to provide Analytical Services using Sun Nuclear continuous radon measurement devices Models 1028 & 1030.   This certification allows Black Dog Inspections to interpret and deliver radon test results results on site after test completion. 

Sun Nuclear 1028A single test performed following strict EPA protocol with fast results - no waiting for mailed test samples and reports.

The fee for a single continuous monitor measurement of radon in air for buyers, sellers, homeowners, or for an independent verification of mitigation is only $130* per test.

Please note, correcting a high radon level is not an expensive process (mitigation usually runs between $900 to $2000) but not knowing and exposing your family to potential danger cannot be equated to dollars.



"I feel the Radalink TeleMonitor is an excellent stand alone continuous measurement equipment available to insure accurate, valid and prompt results for your radon measurements.  You will not be disappointed with the accuracy and turn around time of the results."   Eino Anttila        The Radalink data is analyzed and reported by an offsite NRPP Certified Lab.        

Black Dog Inspections can attach an environmental data logger (HOBO) to the Sun Nuclear Model 1028 making an excellent working combination with immediate on site results.  The Sun Nuclear Model 1030 captures environmental data and mirrors he Radalink's capabilities.

American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) member

Why Choose Black Dog Inspections for your radon measurement?

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